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Tal Kedem is the founder and head designer of Tal Kedem Bridal.


Born and raised in Jerusalem, her tomboy look as a young girl would have not let anyone think that she would become, one day, a fashion artist designing wedding gowns.


As a young child, a simple piece of long sleeved cotton was enough to catch her attention to play with garments.


As her curiosity for fashion thrived, so her skills. Tal eventually spent endless hours on the sewing machine, teaching herself how to sew dresses of her own imagination and how to cut patterns using her mother’s German Burda style pattern magazines.

Her growing passion for fashion ultimately guided Tal through her journey. 


Always pushing forward even during hard personal times, the sewing machine and Burda magazines always accompanied her wherever life took her.

Her excitement and dedication for fashion became her life goal career to be a skilled bridal designer.


Over the years, Tal became a pattern maker. As she gets experienced in the industry, her techniques and skills became strong and unique. 

It seemed only natural that Tal would evolve her career into designing wedding gowns. 

After working with well known Israeli designers, Tal established her bridal wear line in 2016 as “Tal Kedem Bridal”.


Her brand is a result of a strong and independent woman that pushed through to achieve her dream. 

Her brand carries her inspirations for every woman to feel confident and empowered while expressing 

their own emotions and styles on their wedding day.


Tal sets an example for young artists, showing that determination pays off and proves that circumstances into which you’re born should never pre-determine your destiny.


Tal developed her bridal “Main” line as a launch for her brand. 

In 2018, she created the luxury line of the brand: the Premium line.


Her collections are now requested worldwide.

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